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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

He is Risen!

Miskito Jesus Film Showing

The Jesus Film Showing was attended by people from both villages, Mabitah and Rus Rus.  They packed out the Community Center.  It’s the only film we know of that is in the Miskito Language so it was interesting to them to hear Jesus speaking Miskito.  We pray that lives were touched as God’s Word was presented through film.

May Work Team

We have a construction group coming early May replacing the roof on the guest house and enlarging the hangar on one side to accommodate the future truck and other equipment.  We are headed into town to purchase the supplies needed for these projects.  Now the process is: getting the roofing made to order, having it delivered to the port where we must find a ship that is available and going to La Mosquitia in the time frame that we need.  After it arrives, Wes must fly to Puerto Lempira to receive the shipment and find a truck that can deliver it to Rus Rus. Our concerns are many.  Please bathe this process in prayer so that things will go smoothly. 

Prayer Requests

Safety for the team coming
Supplies Purchased and Arrive In Time
Our health (breathing a lot of smoke during this burning season)
Our children as they are scattered – Korea, Afghanistan, North Carolina
Wisdom, always, so that we can minister effectively among these precious folks

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles

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