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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Helicopter, Projects and Supplies, Accident, and Fire

Mother’s day dawned early with the sounds of the Honduran military helicopter landing by the hospital.  They had come to check on their men and to use our phone.  You never know what the day will bring as the sun rises. 

The supplies from the boat/truck arrived just in time for the team to use them.  They have already begun the extension of the hangar to house our future truck (still raising funds) so that we can do outgoing mobile missions clinics.

The next project tackled was a new roof for the guest house where we usually put teams when they come to minister.  It has gone well with only one mishap.

Yes, one team member fell through the roof as they worked.  He was a bit scrapped up with minor wounds.  He supervised from the bobcat and pretty soon he was back on the roof.  It’s hard to keep a good man down.  Praise God for His watchful care and mercy!

Here you see the roof job mostly completed.

Medical Flights
It was pretty quiet all month, until the team arrived, then  3 medical flights needed to be made.  The first was a set of malnourished twin babies 6 months old weighing only 5 pounds.  Our nurse was able to get an IV in one and it was doing much better.  However our nurse was unable to find a vein for the IV on the other baby.  Wes flew them out to Puerto Lempira where they will be attended at House of Hope, which specializes in ministry to malnourished children.  

The second – Wes took a fellow from here to Ahuas to help another man needing a blood transfusion (a rare type).  The following day (3rd trip) Wes had to take that same man a day later to Puerto Lempira.  We are unsure if they were able to help him.  Please keep all of these in your prayers.  Thanks, Team!

A fire outbreak becomes quickly out of control last night.  Wes with the bobcat and the team with other implements rushed to the aid of the hospital cleaning lady’s home, which was in peril.  They managed to create a fire break and damp down the flames.  Praise God, the fire is now back under control.  The heavy smoke fills the air but that has been the case for the last two months as they burn all around us. 

The men have had to do some fire control this morning behind the school and the outbuildings of the hospital.  It's still an ongoing thing but hopefully a "coming to the end" activity.

Prayer Request
Please be in prayer, because of the fires, we are seeing a lot of folks, especially children, who need medical care (using the nebulizer) at the hospital.  Respiratory infections are at an all time high at this time of year.

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles


  1. Read this earlier today. Sounds like things are anything but dull down there. Praying the fires will die down quickly. That really concerned me. Hey--Sean is sitting right behind me at the kitchen table in a "meeting" with Matthew! haha!! What can I say?

  2. Praise God for you answering God's call. It is always a good thing when someone is in the middle of God's appointments for them.