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Friday, February 14, 2014

Vacation Bible School - Guest Blog Writers

Vacation Bible School Ministry

February is a busy month and we started off with the VBS ministry. We were blessed to have this team come and minister to the children.  We asked a couple of them to write a little about their experience.  ENJOY!

        From Brett and Tammy White, "As members of the MAG “East/West” team to Rus Rus, who came to minister to the children of the community with a 5 day “Vacation Bible School” program, we were blessed by the ministry we received as well!  Both of us agreed that we hadn't been this well taken care of since living at home with our own mothers. (And we've been married for 20 years!)  Westley and Denise provided a most hospitable home to us and the rest of our team.  We thank them both for the blessings they provided.
        We were thrilled with the turnout of 60+ children to our VBS over the course of the week, averaging between 45 and 50ish each day.  We began with the very basic tenets of Christianity from Creation to Salvation with the hopes that we will be able to return with lessons and activities that will build on that foundation in the years to come.  All the children were eager to learn, play and sing with us.  The activities that we planned were well received and it was a joy to watch them throughout the week wearing or carrying items that they had made during craft times.  It seems like the week came and went more quickly than time should be allowed to pass! 
        Thank you to all who support the ministry of MAG and specifically the Wiles in this precious community of Rus Rus and the extended area.  We pray that the medical team on their way in next, and Pastor Carlos Paz and David Pulzetti (who were part of the East/West team and will be staying while the medical team works, too) will have the ability to serve tirelessly and effectively over the next several weeks.  We know they will likely have a challenging number of patients in need of treatment, which means a lot of people to serve spiritually as well.  May God’s blessings, strength and wisdom be upon you all." 

     Carlos Paz had this to add, "We ranged between 50 and 62 participants with 5 local adults adding to our ministry team.  We taught them songs and did hands on crafts/activities as well.  We started with basic Bible stories which ended in a Gospel presentation at the end of the week. 
     The children enthusiastically responded in great number.  The children had received a special 'care' package made up with unique bracelets made by my grandchildren, two pencils, a box of crayons or colored pencils, the Gospel of John in Spanish, and candy. They loved their bags.  
     We taught them to play baseball and also played volleyball with them after the VBS activities.  Our team was also able to minister to the youth and military in the afternoons.  It was a blessed time."

1st Day

Creation Teaching

2nd Day - They came to get the team early!
Story Time



We are making preparations for the medical clinic coming next week.  We hope to get some good pictures for you soon.
Joyfully in His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles

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