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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bamboo and More
Blessings abound as we begin this new year.

Bamboo poles that we use for our radio communications both at the house and at the village store have been acquired locally from the jungle and will be put up to replace our aging poles. 

Our newly remodeled pharmacy is ready to have the medicines stocked on the shelves (which we've already begun). 

We also were able to get a series of new batteries to put in the inverter system.  This will help us with our electric usages when we are not using the generator.

A new freezer has been purchased as our old one was on the verge of going out.  God’s provisions are always in time. 

A cart was also purchased to be used as a “drink station” for when we have groups to help keep them nourished and well hydrated. 

We also do quite a bit of grilling when we have groups and a new grill has been bought before our groups start again this year.

2013 Rus Rus Ministry Summary
Flight Program Impact
Last year Westley made a total of 116 flights:
Emergency Medical = 18
Ministry Support = 90
Community Service = 8
Hospital Program Impact
Total Patient Visits = 2212
Prescriptons = 4,000+
Births = 3
Medical Brigades = 1
Ministry Program Impact
Sunday Services Preached = 10
Evening Evangelistic Events = 5
Pastoral Bible Studies = 8
Literacy Classes = 3 weeks
Pastoral Training = 3 weeks
Kingdom Decisions = 27
Baptisms = 2

We have a group coming at the end of this month for a two week intensive Vacation Bible School for the children in the mornings with youth activities in the afternoon.  The villagers are already excited and can’t wait for Carlos Paz and his group to arrive.  Please be praying for this time of ministry.

Carlos and another member of his team are staying after the group leaves to join the next group that will be coming in a week.  International Health Services (IHS) is coming on their annual Medical Brigade that will see patients and dispense medicines for a week all over Honduras.  They have been coming to Rus Rus for several years now.  Since Rus Rus is centrally located in this area, we have folks coming from all around to take part, even from across the Nicaraguan border.  We have seen between 1200 to over 1400 patients in the past years, so this is a wonderful opportunity to minister to the physical needs of this underreached people group.  In the evenings we have the blessing of touching their spiritual needs by having teaching, preaching and prayer time with those that stay.  Again your prayers would be appreciated for this time of ministry.

We are trying to build an email database for our newsletters/blog.  Technology is getting so much better at connecting everyone involved in the ministry.  It helps get Praise Reports and Prayer Requests out in a more timely manner.  Please, take the time to send us an email with your address so we can take advantage of better modes of communicating.  Our email address is:        or call us at:   262-581-4349   (that’s a stateside number that rings here in Rus Rus)

Everyone has thoughts, as this new year begins, of goals and plans. We would ask you to think of how you will be involved in missions because we believe that He is a God of missions. His heart is to touch others in an eternal way and He wants us to be a part of that. Prayerfully consider your role this year in what He would have you to do to be His arms outstretched in love.

There are several ways that you can get involved.  You can bring a team, join a team, pray for teams, send supplies, support the Wiles, etc.  The list is as creative as you can imagine.  Contact our stateside office for information on trips in the making that you may want to be a part of in some way or another. 

That’s it for now.  Blessings to you all and we’ll see you again soon.

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles

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