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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Days of the Medical Brigade

IHS Team getting ready to come.
          It begins by the team gathering in Puerto Lempira.  They bring their supplies and themselves to be flown over to Rus Rus.  Wes is an expert packer and made 5 trips to carry everything and everyone needed.  The IHS team plus MAG personnel team up together to make this medical brigade a much needed impact in this region.  

          They unpack and ready themselves and the supplies for ministering to the sick. Some travel for days to get here from both Honduras and Nicaragua.  Some will come by boat, by truck, or by walking (or some combination).

         We pray that they will have good traveling weather as they come and go from the hospital.

Patients waiting to register while......
a truck filled with patients from Suhi arrives.

It's a wonderful opportunity to reach out to an under reached people group, the Miskito Indian. We begin radio announcements both here and in Nicaragua so that many can take advantage of this much needed service.

What is IHS you may ask?  International Health Services has been serving all across Honduras with multiple medical brigades twice a year for many many years.  We are and have been delighted to host them for the last 4 years.

In the Exam Room.
Dr. Mark listening to the children's hearts.
The dental team at work.
Last stop, pharmacy to pick up the meds.
          We have a team that's helping those with eye glass needs.   They also give sunglasses to those that should have that little extra protection from the harmful sun while they work and travel.
          Westley has been taking pictures of family units and printing them right there and gifting them with the photo.  For some, that's the only photo they may ever have of their family.  He also uses the four wheeler to ferry folks up to the hospital when they arrive at the end of the runway that's far away from the hospital.
          By day the people receive help for their physical needs. At night, those that stay over for treatment or will be seen the next day receive teaching and prayer from MAG pastor Carlos Paz and his team of volunteer teachers.  What a blessing to minister to the "whole" person!
          IHS/MAG will be holding the medical brigade until February 25th.     We hope to see many, many people.
          We will try to keep you updated on the progress here and include pictures so that you can feel a part of what's going on.  We appreciate your prayers and your gifts of love so that we can host teams like this one that reach out with God's love and show His heart so very well.

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles


  1. Awesome, good to see what's going on. Love you guys!

  2. Love you guys and the work you are doing!