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Monday, August 11, 2014

August News

Summer and Fall are shaping up to be busy.  Here are some things that have been going on.

       Flight That Saved Lives

It brings great joy to our hearts to see returning mother and twins after they were flown over to Puerto Lempira to House of Hope for further treatment.  The twins (picture on the left) were “failing to thrive” at 6 months and only five pounds,  but look at them now (picture on the right).  Their lives were saved and even Mom picked up a few pounds too.  It’s a wonderful feeling when we know that we’ve made a difference.

           More Medicines
We were very thankful that more medicines were donated to our pharmacy when we were in Roatan.  It is such a blessing when the country struggles to get meds to this area especially.  Thank you, God, for making a way.

                   Church Service

We  were  recently  blessed  with  a  visit  on our porch from  the  Catholic  Church.  They  brought  an  afternoon  service  to  us.  Songs  and  a  short message  were  shared.  It’s  a  real  joy  when  the  locals  want  to  include  us.  The   service  ended  with  them  laying  their  hands  on  us  and  lifting  us  up  in  prayer.

        Kia Work Truck
One of our needs is to have follow up care and to get supplies in here (when things are too big or bulky to put on the plane).  Consider partnering with us on this project to raise the funds for a Kia Work Truck that we can use to go from here to outlying areas with follow up care, parasite treatments, vitamins for pregnant mothers, and bringing in supplies when needed.  

Our Blessings Update

Rachael is renewing her contract to continue teaching English in South Korea for another year.  She’s very active in her church with several programs.  We hope to go visit her sometime next year.

David is working at the Geek Squad Department at Best Buy.  He is still having some health issues so please keep him in your prayers.  

Joshua has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past 9 months.  He is being rotated back to the states this month (or early next month).  He is hoping to come home to Honduras for a visit during Holiday Block Leave but the paperwork to leave the country is pretty intensive.  Praying for favor with the powers that be for the army would be greatly valued.


We have a couple of big things coming UP!

The annual inspection and permit to fly in Honduras is due on the airplane which includes a trip to Guatamala.  The paperwork chase begins. Your prayers would definitely be appreciated.

MAG is planning its first medical/dental team to minister at the hospital at the end of September with lots to do to bring it all together.  Again, prayers requested for all those involved.

A heart felt thanks goes to you all who faithfully pray and have committed to helping us reach this area with His Love.  You are the greatest team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyfully In His Service,

Westley and Denise Wiles

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