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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life Goes On!!!

It has been awhile since our last blog.   When Wes left for the states in June it was dry and brown.  Wes has returned and with him the rains have come and the grass is green again.   Here are some things that have been going on and also included is a bonus edition of Denise's Misadventures!

And There Was Light

The construction team that put on the roof also said, “Let there be light!”  and a new dental light now rests from the ceiling of the dental suite.  It was quite a job since it took extensive work to accommodate the light.  Praise God, our visiting dentists will have excellent light as they serve.

              Water System Installed

Wes installed a new Sawyer water filtration system at the hospital and for the village.  We had been using a temporary DIVVY system but it was not meant for the load of permanent duty.  Bill Drury with PuraViva Agua was instrumental in getting this new system for us.   It uses the similar technology as a kidney dialysis to filter the water.  It is a real blessing.  Pure water has eliminated most cases of dysentery and cholera in our village.

Helping with the Water Tank
We were blessed to have an engineering team from Kentucky, Jeremiah and Cynthia Littleton and her father Bob Cartwright.  Jeremiah is a bridge engineer so while they were here the Rus Rus Bridge received a thorough inspection.  They found many problems that will have to be dealt with.  They also did a survey of the MAG property lines, buildings and included elevations.  

Bridge about 4 years ago
Bridge now

Upcoming Activities

We have 2 activities coming in September.  The annual on the plane is due (as well as our permit to fly).  Wes and Scott Grote will be working on that.  You know how the paperwork abounds (especially here) for all that.  Your prayers would be greatly coveted during this process.

A small medical/dental team will be visiting toward the end of the month.  Of course it will probably be very busy.  Not as busy as the February brigade but still we hope to have a great crowd.

 Anniversary Celebration
Westley and I are celebrating 32 years of wedded bliss (did I say bliss?).  Actually we are delighted to be serving together in the land of our hearts and with each other.  We hope to make a small trip to the island of Roatan to soak in some sun and alone time.  We won’t be gone long as we have too many things going on.  I’d say “wish you were here” as we take this break, but that would be a lie.  J  

Denise’s Misadventures

Westley hasn’t even been gone for 24 hours before I had my first “Denise doesn’t know how to fix it” moment.  I woke up and it was quiet.  That was my first clue that something was wrong.  I didn’t hear Jack, our monkey.  I go out to the cage but see nothing.  I softly whisper, “Jack?”  I hear monkey noises but can’t quite figure it out where they are coming from.  I say his name louder, listening intently.  He’s at the front door shaking with cold and shivering from fear.  I let him in.  I go to his cage and see his little escape hole.  How do I fix this since I’m not wired for this type of task?  I call Wes.  He gives me directions on how to fix it, where to find the supplies then he waits for me to call him when I am done.  Yes, I overcame!  I just hope the “fix” will last until Westley’s return in the middle of the month.  Jack is making his “I’m happy to be home and eating” monkey noises.  Like I said,  it’s a new adventure every day.

My next misadventure began at 3 a.m. in the morning.  I felt something drop close to my arm and it jerked me from a sound sleep.  I grabbed up my flashlight and shined it around.  I saw a scorpion!  I jumped from the bed and turned on the overhead light.  I thought, “What do I do?  What do I do?”  My heart was beating so quickly.  After being in Honduras for as many years as we have, you would think that I would have this down.  But…in my defense, it WAS 3 a.m.  My brain was a little fuzzy.  I grab a broom from the kitchen but when I returned, he had disappeared.  “Oh, great!”  I say out loud.  “I’ll be wondering where you’re at for the rest of the night.”  I addressed the 4 inch scorpion.   I carefully move the pillows around.  No dice.  As I stand there staring at the bed, lo and behold, here he comes, striding over one of the pillows.  Instinctively I grab Westley’s tennis shoe by the side of the bed and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!  Got him!!!  I gingerly scoop his corpse up with an envelope and summarily dump him in the trash, which I bagged right away.  I yawn and head back to bed.  Jack will be waking me early for his breakfast.  You wonder, “What happened to the broom?”  I dropped it reaching for that shoe.  So much for that idea. J  As I drifted off to sleep I remember whispering, “Thank you, Lord, for helping me.”
Picture found on internet as I totally smashed said offender.

Take 3 Misadventure - "I'm tired." I say as I get ready for bed. A quick shower and I'll be ready. As I step into the bathroom I see something scurry under the towels. I move the rack. I can't believe it! Another scorpion and this one was bigger by a couple of inches. I look around - no shoes. I see the lid to the top of my laundry bin. I grab it and throw it down on top of the scorpion. I jump onto the lid and jump, jump, jump. I gingerly pick it up. It's still trying to get away even though its tail is smashed. I drop the lid back into place. I jump, jump, jump some more. That did it! It's dead. Like a repeat of the first time, I shove his carcass onto a piece of cardboard and toss him into the trash, which, of course, I bagged right away. This is unusual. I don't often see a scorpion at all. Now, in two weeks I have seen two. I was so tired that I didn't even get excited. I took my shower and went to bed. I need my rest, for my body is healing from that pesky, nasty cold. Thank you all for covering me in prayer. It's only because of those prayers that I can overcome. You are the greatest!

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley & Denise Wiles

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