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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Medical Brigade Finale

The sun has set and night has fallen on the final day of the IHS/MAG Medical Brigade.   Many came from far away to attend, sometimes walking for days to come, from two countries – Honduras and Nicaragua.  What a blessing to be His hands extended in love!

John Kirchof (team leader of the IHS team in Rus Rus) has these numbers of the medical brigade.

165 eye clinic patients with 124 Rdg glasses dispensed and 123 sun glasses

259 dental clinic patients with 367 extractions

1098 medical clinic patients with 3737 prescriptions dispensed

1522 Total patients helped

That's a record! What a joy to host this team!

It's quite a process to get a patient into the plane for transport.

 More Photos to Share
Dentists at Work
An Ear Exam
Dr. Pearl With a Sick Baby
Whole Family in the Exam Room
Getting Vitals
A Joy to Hold
What a Sweety
 It's a lot of hard work but there's some fun as well.

Westley giving rides to a few of the children as they wait.  It takes many trips.  J

Some of the group hiking to Mahbitah (about an hour away) to see the bird preserve.  This gave them a new perspective on those walking in to take part in the clinic.

Ministry in the evenings for those having to stay over is lead by Carlos Paz, MAG's Director of Pastoral Ministry (also one of the translators for the team).

To say the least, the whole week was a miraculous time.  We are grateful to be a part of bringing His helping hands to others in so many different ways. 

IHS/MAG Team Photo 2014
Help us continue to host teams like this with your support.  Your prayers and gifts of love are an integral part of the “team” participation.  Thank you for obeying what God lays on your hearts.

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles

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