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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blockbuster News

Greetings and salutations to one and all.  Busyness was the operative word and we are just now getting respite enough to feel like we can breathe.

IHS Medical Dental Brigade had a wonderful year here with restorative dental being added to the repertoire of services rendered.  Here are the results of that brigade.
2015 Brigade Results
Total Visits: 1248
Medical visits: 908 Total
Of that: Minor surgeries: 2
Dental Visits: 173 Total
Of that: Tooth Extractions 175
Received Sealants 113
Received Floride Treatments 167
Eye Clinic: 167 Total (some patients received both)
Reading Glasses Dispensed: 56
Sunglasses Dispensed: 182
Pharmacy: 3249 Total
Of that: Prescriptions filled: 2399
Vitamins dispensed: 850

Annual Hospital Appreciation Dinner was a success.  We had an amazing group of workers and their families (about 22 folks altogether) that enjoyed fun, food (grilled pork chops, baked beans, fiesta coleslaw, with both banana bread and vanilla cake for dessert), and fellowship.  It’s a nice way to show our gratitude and thanks for their hard work.

Next up was a great construction team coming from New England to warm themselves and work up a sweat storm.  Here are some photos of what they accomplished:  Plumbing for both the hospital apartments (being turned into dormitories) storage closets for supplies, plumbing for the guest house that is being renovated into the new Wiles residence.  We have two couples joining us (Braxtons and Moras) this next year sometime so we need to upgrade the living quarters for everyone.

Carlos  stayed  behind  to  minister  to  Nicaraguan  pastors  and   continue  ministry  in  Olanchito  so  he  is  not  in  the  group  photo  at  our  celebration  dinner  when  the  work  was  finished  and  the  team  was  heading  home  to  the  states.    In  this  shot,  he’s  with  a  group  of  soldiers  that  he  helped  in  daily  Bible  Studies.

Fifteen minutes home and Wes started his string of emergency flights over the next several days.  Currently he is the ONLY emergency medical evac pilot in the area. 

We’ve implemented a program with Vitamin Angels (organization) which provided vitamins for expectant mothers and for children.  What a blessing!

As missionaries, we are great at encouraging others with stories of the Lord’s victories in our lives as we serve Him. We want to be a light that shines brightly of His goodness and grace. It’s in our nature to share how we’ve overcome through Him. What we don’t usually share is the struggle and discouragement as we fight for the things that we can share later how God brought us victory. We often feel overwhelmed. That’s a good thing, because we know for sure it was not us that did the great work but Him in us. However, there are times when we need to share that we need your prayers. Please keep your missionaries in your prayers. They need it every day in the day-to-day battle of being on the front lines. Thank you, prayer warriors, for you faithfulness in lifting missionaries up before the Almighty as we serve Him.

Prayer Request:  We are going to be doing a lot of traveling this month for several events (check up, wedding,
children to and fro to airports, MAG office, etc…)  we would appreciate your prayers as we travel about.  Thank you, faithful prayer warriors!  You don’t know how much you are appreciated.

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles

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