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Friday, October 17, 2014

Wow! October!!!

Greetings one and all!  How wonderful to join you again for an exciting update and a new bonus “Misadventure” story.

We have been busy bees!  Our MAG medical/dental brigade was engaged in a three day (and some of that next morning after) extravaganza.  The stats are below. 

We did have medical evac of a pregnant woman with a possible broken hip.  They were concerned for the baby as well.  

They couldn’t get a heartbeat.  After Wes flew her to Puerto Lempira for treatment we received good news – the baby was okay and the hip was just dislocated.  She is walking around on crutches.  What a blessing to have had this awesome team here.

Medical/Dental/Eye Brigade
Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, 2014

177 Adults
138 Pediatric
315 Total

115 Patients
238 Extractions
 67 Floride Treatments

1269 dispensed

73 reading glasses dispensed

 503  Total Patient Encounters

Other October news – Wes and Carlos flew to Mocorron and Puerto Lempira for a meeting with the Alcade of Gracias A Dios.  Getting a full time teacher for the school and bridge repair were the topics of conversation.  They left hopeful that their information and pictures will bring about some help in the bridge repair project.

The alcalde is also coming out on Sunday to assess the teacher situation here.  We will fix them a tasty lunch after they visit with the villagers.

Medico, another medical organization, will be visiting toward the end of the month.  They are looking us over in anticipation of sending a possible brigade themselves sometime next year.  They want to see the facilities and get to know us a bit.  We are hopeful that they will like what they see.  If they come on board, it’s possible that we could have medical/dental brigades 3 times a year (staggered out) so the folks will have care in a more consistent basis.  

We are excited by what He is doing.  Please continue praying for the work here.  The Braxton’s will Possibly be joining us in service sometime next year.

we have another couple, the Mora’s, that will be visiting in January to see if this is where God is calling them to serve as well.  We can’t wait to see what will happen as we grow.  

Bonus- MisAdventure

“What in the world?”  I think as I am jerked awake from a sound sleep.  The monkey is pitching a fit and I can hear the dog barking with almost a full howling, and the cat meowing very loudly.  I grab up the flashlight, flip on the porch light (soft yellow lighting) and head out to the porch to see what was going on.  I can’t get the flashlight to penetrate the screen to see so I step outside.  It’s very dark, no moon or stars because of cloud cover.  The cat’s meows are even louder so I step towards her thinking she is injured.  As I get closer a stray thought enters my head since I am barefoot about fire ants being out or the big black ants that bite hard and hang on.  But….I was already out by the tree.  Ebony (dog) and Pixie (cat) are still caterwauling.  I notice they are both focused up on the tree.  I shine my light slowly up the trunk to the branches.  Poor thing, a young cat was clinging for dear life.  I firmly tell my animals to be quiet, several times.  They don’t shut up.  I head back to the porch to get a broom to “herd” Ebony to the porch, where hopefully, she will calm down.  The flashlight goes out.  Battery was dead.  I walk gingerly in my bare feet to the porch.  I put the flashlight down and get the broom and head out of the yard to the other side where Ebony is still barking and semi-howling.  It took quite a few tries, but I managed to herd her into the yard and onto the porch.  Again, speaking firmly I tell her, “Lay down and be quiet.”  She looks at me.  I don’t know if she will obey.  I shut off the porch light and close the door.  I listen intently to see if she will behave.  Things quiet down.  I notice the time.  It’s 2:15 a.m.  I head back to bed, hopefully to drift back into dreamland.  I listen a little more, but it’s still quiet so I go slip onto the cloud of dreams and float away.  But wait!  That’s not all.  A while later, I hear Ebony howling (this time the full roar howl) and she begins to whine and cry.  No kidding.   This causes the monkey to get into the act (again).  I get up with a groan.  I flip on the porch light and speak firmly to her but she is not listening.  I glance down.  Eureka!!!  I see the food storage for the animals.  I decide to give her a little food.  Surely appealing to her tummy will help quiet her down.  I give her a cup of dog food.  She is happily crunching when I shut the door and turn out the porch light once again.  It’s 3:10 a.m. as I stumble back to bed, listening to see if a happy tummy will make for a quiet Ebony.  It seems to have done the trick and even Jack creeps back to his little house to rest.  It took a little longer for me to slip away to dreamland but I managed to find the cloud and drift away, hoping that this was the end of this nighttime adventure.  J

Joyfully In His Service,
Westley and Denise Wiles

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  1. I miss you guys! I think of you often and pray for safety and blessings!