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Monday, December 9, 2013

Intro Blog


Welcome to news and updates from the Wiles in Rus Rus, Honduras.  

This is new to me, so be patient as I learn the ropes.  We are hoping this will help connect our partners with our ministry better.  In the age of technology, many more avenues like this are available.

So onward and upward!  


The Wiles with MAG (Missionary Air Group) consented to place a plane in Rus Rus so that a closed hospital could be re-opened with air support.  It is centrally located in the area to service both Honduras and Nicaragua being just 5 miles from the border.  However, the organization that wanted us to come was unable to commit after we arrived and gave it into MAG's hands. Prayerfully we are doing what He directs:   to be a light of help and hope in this area now since 2010.  

Projects Completed

We built a hangar to protect the plane from the elements.  Upgraded the living spaces to accommodate us and all groups that we host.  We have put on new roofs for the hospital and the hospital generator shed.  We've built a fuel shed and another generator shed.  We've painted the hospital and installed a clean water depot on the premises for the village.  We have also help open a small store where locals can purchase both food staples and fuel.    We were able to put up a radio and antenna at the store to help facilitate better communications between villages.  Westley has improved the runway.  We've hosted many groups in the years we've been there both evangelical and construction.   There are even more stats that I could give you and in the future we'll be more up-to-date with news as I get this blog off the ground.

Recent News

We have had two major donations of medicines and supplies to help our pharmacy.  It has been a great need as it has been difficult to get these items.  A diesel generator has been donated to power better all the areas that we needed it.  Westley has been busy getting the generator up and running.  The last group that came re-wired the grounds so that it would be ready when the new generator arrived.    I am in the states visiting with our boys for a couple of weeks and will return soon.

Blessing Notes

Rachael, our daughter, is in South Korea teaching English.  David is working in the Geek Squad department at a Best Buy in North Carolina.  Joshua is currently stationed at Fort Campbell, but after his holiday plus a few days he is being deployed to Afghanistan.  

 Photos to Share

 Hospital Rus Rus
 Our Plane
The Runway

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